24 09 2007

There are so many pieces of news regarding Madeleine Mc. Cann that you can easily get lost with them. Are her parents involved? Was she drugged? Or was  there maybe a kidnapping?

Everyday more and more information comes to our minds. We need to be able to sort it out and to differentiate between the one that is misleading and the one that is real. Will we be able to do that? Only the time will give us the answer.


24 09 2007

This is my first article in the blog. I will be including many different things that I hope you will like. So I say hello to you all! Little by little, I will be including different information that will help you to know me better. So, to start with, I would invite you to visit my city, Salamanca, which may be by far the most beautiful and interesting city in Spain as well as in the whole world, since Salamanca has a magic that makes you wonder whether you are in a dream. So let’s dream!!!!