12 11 2008

  Do you remember the film “Meet the  parents”?  When a boy or a girl has to meet his or her girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents, it is quite usual for them to get nervous or stressed, since they try to make a good impression. So why should it be different for parents when they have to meet their daughter’s or son’s boyfriend or girlfriend?
Shouldn’t it be something to take seriously?
There’s here a video in which parents are given some advice to deal with this situation. So have a look at it and see what you think about it!

How To Meet Your Daughter’s Boyfriend


12 11 2008

If I had to think about the current relationships between parents and children, I would have to say that they have changed in many ways all over the years. I wouldn’t dare to say whether they are better or worse, but what cannot be doubted is that they have certainly evolved. In what ways do you reckon they have done so? How are parents supposed to deal with their teenage children nowadays? What is the key? Have a look at this video and then give your opinion about it, providing new ideas!

Teenage Rebellion: Child Behavior: Teenage Rebellion


6 11 2008

Barack Obama has become the new president of the USA: his famous slogan “Yes, we can”, which has been repeated once and again, was yesterday shouted at from all over the world. An inexperienced black man has become the new president of the USA, challenging in this way the old ideas, which said that a black man could never become president. Will this mean the end of racism? Well, we’ll never know, but it is at least a big step forward in our fight against it.

Now all our eyes are set on him: will he be able to keep his promises? Will he be capable of fulfilling all the expectations? Will he be strong enough to take us out of the financial crisis? All these questions will have to be solved in the next days. But in the meantime, why don’t we join in the massive euphoria that is spreading all over the world?


6 11 2008

Why not try to enjoy yourself while improving your listening? Try to do these exercises based on a song you probably know:  Welcome to my life- Simple Plan  . I hope you’ll have a good time!!!