23 04 2009

As everyone knows, on the 20th July 1969 three men arrived at the moon. Some people think that this was a fraud, because they saw in some pictures things that were “impossible” to happen in the moon.

The first problem about that is related to the movement of the flag. The men that go against this (or the “fmen that stated that this was a fraud”) said that this video had been filmed on the earth, because on the moon there wasn’t any air, so the flag couldn’t move. However, we need to say that we could only see the flag moving when the astronauts were touching it, and it continued moving for a while just because there wasn’t any air which could stop the flag.



There are lots of ideas like this one that these men used to try to prove that it was a fraud, but I’m just going to talk of another one.

shadows21This is about shadows. These crazy men said that this photo couldn’t be of the moon because the shadows went in different directions. This problem with the shadows was produced due to the orography and it isn’t necessary to know so much to see that these little stones were on a kind of hill.

And now it is when I say to these people: why are you fighting with the NASA, who are the cleverest people in the world? Are you sure that if this had been a fraud, they would have made these mistakes?

And for everyone who has read this, what do you think? Have humans really been to the moon or not?

By Jorge



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27 04 2009

Well Jorge,
I think that the issue you have chosen is quite interesting, and I also think there are a couple of things we should consider.
First, in 1969, during the cold war, I think that the most important question for both sides was not doing things well, but achieving goals before others. So I will not be surprised if one day someone says that all the business was a fake, because something more important than truth was at stake.
Secondly, it is quite suspicious that the USA has never landed again on the moon since then. Why not if it was so important for space career?
And finally, I think you have overrated the NASA. Those smart guys are the same who crashed a satellite a few years ago, just because someone was measuring distance and speed in metres while another one was doing it in yards(and they are supposed to be engineers!!!)

27 04 2009

Yes, you are right in your third paragraph, they are supposed to be the cleverest men in the world, but if they made a mistake they made a big one.
I think they didn´t send more missions to the moon just because they started finding other more interesting kinds of mission really far away like to Mars or out of the Solar System. I don’t know why they are doing that, I think if they had continued sending missions to the moon, these days we would have had a space station on the moon. I have also seen a piece of news about a new tripulated mission to the moon that the NASA is preparing for 2018.

27 05 2009

Some time ago, I read something about the real impossibility of a flag standing in the moon and more things related to the shadows that appear in the film of the man landing on the moon(it is not correct to say “landing” because that verb is only destinated for earth, but is a way to be understood).
To my mind, if the moon could have been visited 4O years ago, what would have happened later?
There has been an aereal station gravitating around the atmosphere for lots of years, changing the crew from time to time, but nobody has ever “returned” to the moon. It seems very strange…

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