12 12 2010

We have begun a new topic that has a lot to be said: BREAKING UP.

In order to start dealing with it, we saw 2 videos with some listening comprehension questions.

Here they are the videos: BREAKING UP and HOW TO BREAK UP THE RIGHT WAY.

And the listening comprehension on both videos: BREAKING UP.

You know you can still share with us any interesting, unusual, normal… break ups if you feel like it!!!!!



12 12 2010

Irene, another one of our students abroad wrote to me, saying this:

Well, I am in Ghent doing a short stay in order to obtain the European Doctorate and meanwhile I am performing some experiments for my research. I am a vet, and I’m working doing my PhD in the Department of Comparative Pathology in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I applied for a grant last year because of this European Doctorate and they gave me the chance to do this short stay so then I am here, jajaja.

I´m  sending you some photos, the first one belongs to Ghent and it was taken from Saint Michel Bridge. You can see one of the water channels with boats and in the background there is the Gravensteen Castle. The second photo is in Brugge which is maybe 40kms far from here. It’s a landscape with me, and in the background the tower that you can see is the cathedral.
The weather is not so good, but I mean, sometimes people tell you “oh, the weather in Ghent is horrible, there´s only rain, bla bla bla” so I made up in my mind and now I’m surprised because ok, it’s not like in Spain but not as horrible as I thought. The last weekend of November I’ve planned to go to Paris so I’ll send you some photos again.

Thanks, Irene, we are dying to see the photos from Paris!!!!!!!


7 12 2010

In case you have not bought the book yet, let me know, I may help you to get it!!! I hope you´ll  enjoy the book!!!!!


1 12 2010

I am including here many pieces of advice to help you with your writing. They are selected by topics (punctuation, planning, revising…) and they are even complemented with handouts. I hope you will find them useful!