31 01 2011

This is the controversial article I gave you in class, which deals with “inconvenient truths about men and women”.: men_women inconvenient truths (1)

In order to help you to write a comment on it, I am supplying this worksheet which will help you to write comments: How_to_write_a_comment (1).

Well, I am looking forward to all your comments about it!!!!



30 01 2011

Hi, guys!

Last weekend I was at the cinema and I watched this trailer. Do you know what it is?? Yes, it is our second book film!! You will able to watch it in Spanish cinemas in March. So, read your book quickly!! I´m looking forward to watching it!!

By Marisa


28 01 2011

According to the latest news, Fujitsu has created a technological teddy bear in order to motivate children and old people.

It seems that the teddy bear has a lot of gadgets under its skin which make it feel when somebody is stroking it. Apart from that, it is said to have a camera in its nose that lets it know who the person that is interacting with it is. Besides, it  is believed that it can react in a lot of different ways depending on what the person who is playing with it does.

Apparently, the main aim of this invention might be stimulating children´s mind and  make old people not feel alone at home.

Don´t you think it is awesome????

By Marisa


26 01 2011

Have you ever had to put up with noisy neighbours???? What have you done????  

In class we discussed this topic and we watched a video from Videojug giving us advice on how to deal with noisy neighbours: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-deal-with-noisy-neighbours

And then we did a listening comprehension on it: VIDEO HOW TO DEAL WITH NOISY NEIGHBOURS 2ND ADVANCED.

Then we complemented it imagining a real situation of noise pollution with Charlie!!!

Any other pieces of advice you can think of for dealing with noisy neighbours?????

Any anecdotes you may want to share about noisy neighbours????


25 01 2011

Does technology help us in our lives or does it do quite the opposite??? Have you ever wondered what impact technology may have on our lives???? Is technology mainly good or bad for us???  Do you remember the video we watched about an interview with Gary Small, the author of” I-Brain, Surviving the Modern Mind”??? So this is the video:

And this is the listening comprehension quiz TECHNOLOGY IMPACT ON OUR LIVES QUIZ 2ND ADVANCED we did in class, together with the key for it: TECHNOLOGY IMPACT ON OUR LIVES QUIZ key 2ND ADVANCED.

I am including another interview with the same author (Gary Small) , which deals with the fact whether multitasking is bad for the brain or not. It seems that in an age of cell phones, PDAs, and computers, the intense mental stress of continually paying only partial attention may be decreasing our memory capacity. This video complements the one we did in class and adds to our reflections on multitasking: http://bigthink.com/ideas/18148

I am looking forward to all your reflections on this topic!!!!


17 01 2011

Have you ever thought about the possibility of stress being beneficial for you????? Have you ever realized stress can be really useful in our lives????? Apparently it is.

Is that good news????

We will be dealing with multitasking and discussing whether it is possible or not to do many things at the same time.

Any interesting thoughts about these ideas?????

Well, if you remember, we saw a video (quite easy, to be frank) with some comprehension questions to check your understanding but also as a way to introduce the topic we will be dealing with.

The video: 

The comprehension questions: STRESS QUIZ 2ND ADVANCED

Despite it being easy, it is really interesting and goes up to the point.





15 01 2011

In a New Year we all make resolutions, but are we successful with them????

Have a look at this video on “HOW TO STICK TO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS” to know how to have success in our resolutions.

Now you are ready to make your own resolutions and to successfully stick to them!!!!