Is a jungle plant the key to eternal youth?

10 02 2011

A week ago, the prestigious scientific magazine ‘Times for Science’ surprised their readers publishing research which asserts in its headline: ‘Eternal youth, possible at last!’

According to Norm Newman, the scientist who conducted this research, an unknown tribe has been discovered living into the Amazon. It seems that all members of this tribe look extremely young, especially since some of them claim to be already great-grandparents!

It would appear that a person in his nineties could look as young as a 25-year-old. Newman states, “The chief of the clan is 94 and he appears to be the same age as his grandchildren.”

A jungle plant called Juventuris Dromilephea might be the key to this miracle, since this plant is known to be the main sustenance of these human beings.

Could this plant really be the answer to all our prayers?

By Manolo