1 05 2011

 What I promised you. A sheet with all the ADVANCED GRAMMAR STRUCTURES we are supposed to have seen in this year.

I hope you will find them useful and that they will help you to revise: ADVANCED GRAMMAR STRUCTURES



26 04 2011

         English worksheet: Connectors and linkers      Victor has compiled a list of idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs, inversions and linkers and has asked me to share it with you all, so there it goes!!!! I hope you will find it useful and that you will say thanks to him!!!!! : TINY SUMMARY OF IDIOMS, COLLOCATIONS, PHRASAL VERBS, INVERSIONS AND LINKERS

How to share big files

15 02 2011

Sometimes you have a file (film, song, pictures, etc.) you’d like to share with other people, but you can’t because they’re too big to send them by e-mail. There’s a nice and easy way to do it.
Here it is:


12 03 2009

Hi guys!!!!


Since for some of you listening seems to be such a big problem, I am including here some  tips to help you.

The other day meddling through the Internet I found something really interesting: a website where you can download a programme which allows you to listen to any radio and to watch any television in the world. Great, isn´t it????

Well, this is the address:

Then you have the possibility of downloading podcasts, as I explained to you in class. For instance, in

Then you have a quite educative radio station called Vaughan Radio:

And, as far as your speaking is concerned, I have found an interesting website called palabea, whose address is Here you can find an exchange in your city, or in the Net and talk through a chat or a videoconference, you can also improve your English, practise your grammar, and even act as a teacher by sharing information.  

Hope you’ll find all of these interesting, and, of course, you can always continue investigating in the Net!!!!


12 02 2009

Look at what I found the other day surfing on the net!!!!

Apparently, there are lots of websites where you can download legally and for free books in English. These are some of the most interesting ones: