1 05 2011

 What I promised you. A sheet with all the ADVANCED GRAMMAR STRUCTURES we are supposed to have seen in this year.

I hope you will find them useful and that they will help you to revise: ADVANCED GRAMMAR STRUCTURES


7 03 2011

I have found two very intersting sites in English in order to pronounce this language more correctly. I know pronouncing in English is difficult, that is why you need to try harder and harder.

The first one is like a kind of pronunciation dictionary, I mean, you write a word or a phrase in English and they will tell you how to pronounce it correctly. The site is:

The second one is like a pronunciation club with general rules and the possibility to have your doubts solved. This new site is:

I hope you will find both of them useful!!!



7 01 2011

Some tips for practising your speaking skills!!!!! Because speaking English can be (and really is) easy!!!!!