Now you can keep up to date with your homework,  even when you cannot come to class. So there are no excuses now not to do your homework!


We have very little left, and we need to keep on advancing. Therefore, we will be starting two new units that will be really quick (7A and 7B), since we will be doing very specific things of each one.

Anyway, what I want you to do is to help me keep advancing by doing the exercises 5 a and b on pagee 102 (referred to the GRAMMAR BANK about COMPOUND AND POSSESSIVE FORMS on page 157). If you want to, to complete this, you can read the text “MY LAST SUPPER” on that same page, although we won´t be really dealing with it.


Keeping on with unit 4C (that we have just started) I want you to do exercises 4 a, b, c and d (related to the reading) and 5a, b, c (referred to vocabulary). (pages 62 and 63).


Even though we are still on unit 4C, I would really appreciate your work on the following unit. Therefore, regarding this new unit, I need you to do exercises 1a and b on page 60, together with exercises 3 a, b (referred to the GRAMMAR BANK on page 147) and c on the following page.


We have just started a new unit: 4B. So let’s practise some grammar on page 57 (exercises 2 a and b, referring to the GRAMMAR BANK 4B on page 146) and some vocabulary on page 59 (exercises 5 a, b and c). Come on, we are in our last month!!!!!


We are going to start with a bit of extra listening. In your book, on page 66, listen to the interview about historical films and to the conversations about history and do the exercises on that page.

Apart from that, do a new writing task to finish the activities related to the film “AE FOND KISS” : the one I explained in class about retelling the film from one of the characters’ point of view, as if it was a narrative text and following the technique we did in the ten line stories. It is all explained in the photocopy I gave you. You need to do a text of about 250 WORDS and the DEADLINE is : THURSDAY, MAY 5TH.


Firstly, prepare a speech of about 2 minutes talking about a film you really liked set in a historical period and based on a real event (according to exercise 3 on page 53).

Apart from that, and since you know a lot about connectors, read the rules about discourse markers and do the exercises on page 145 (GRAMMAR BANK 4 A).


First of all, make sure you read the whole book “NEVER LET ME GO”, as we will be talking about the book the first week after Easter.

Then, some extra reading in order to advance a bit with unit 4: do the reading and exercises 4a, b, c, d, e on pages 54-55.

To finish, write a discursive essay taking sides (as we saw in class on pages 96 and 97 of unit 6) on the topic of immigration, following the lead of the debate we had in class, which was really interesting: FOR or AGAINST IMMIGRATION?


I got really disappointed with the people who had not watched the film and did not have any good excuse!!!! I mean, some homework which is funny and interesting, and you refuse to do it!!!! I really hope the people who have not watched the film yet will certainly watch it for our next class!!! But since that was old homework, there is also new homework, which will make us move to unit 4. I want you to read the text on page 52 and do the exercises 1 a, b, d (referred to page 163) and e.


In order to emphasize our work on IMMIGRATION,  it would be great to watch a video of a very interesting film “AE FOND KISS”, which deals with the conflicts second generation immigrants need to face.  I am sending you the link to watch the film, together with some worksheets to complement this work, although I also gave you some in class. Apart from the video, I also gave you a text talking about immigration that you need to read and in which you need to classify the vocabulary in our well-known categories.


Do you remember you had to read the text on page 94 and do some lexis in context about it??? So now, I want you to do the exercise 5 on page 95, which deals with words that are often confused as far as vocabulary is concerned. And let’s complete this work with a listening which tackles the basic concepts of IMMIGRATION. I am including the video in the blog for you to listen to it!!!!! It is called: IMMIGRATION, THE BASICS.


It’s time to deal with the grammar of this unit that I introduced briefly in class: ELLIPSIS AND SUBSTITUTION. So I want you to read the grammar section again at home, going through the draft I prepared in class and trying to grasp all the concepts explained in it, and then put everything in practice and do the exercises on page 152. And why not completing it with a photocopy I gave you, which will help you to reinforce the acquisition of this grammar!!!! If then you have any doubts or any problems, we will try to solve them in class!!!!


As on Thursday we will be finishing unit 6B and starting unit 6C (which deals with immigration and other similar things), I want you to advance on it by reading the text on page 94 of your book ad by doing the exercises 4a, b, c and d.


To continue with the topic of pets, I want you to do some vocabulary that you will find on page 90 (exercises 4a, 4b (referred to page 166) and 4c). Apart from that and in order to improve your listening, I would like you to do the listening that you will find on page 98 and that appears on the cds you already have.


In case you have not done the grammar practice of the future, do the photocopy I gave you!!!!! Then read the text on page 88 of the new topic “PETS AND PESTS” and do the exercises c and d on the next page.


Some homework after the oral exams. I totally forgot to tell one of the groups about it, sorry about that!!! Anyway, you are supposed to write a narrative text, telling me about one of your most memorable journeys. Take into account to use structures, connectors and vocabulary that prove to me you have the level!!! Organise your ideas well and do everything accurately!!!!


In order to start dealing with the grammar point of this unit ” EXPRESSING FUTURE PLANS AND ARRANGEMENTS”, which is really a revision, I want you to go to page 151 and do the GRAMMAR BANK 6A, reading the rules and doing the exercises. Once you finish that, do the extra photocopy I gave you in class to reinforce this grammar point.


Having started unit 6 about TRAVELLING and in order to emphasize the work done in class, I want you to listen to “A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER” on page 87 and do the questions 6a, b, c and d. Apart from that, and to work even more on your speaking, you need to prepare a speech of about 3-4 minutes about an unforgettable travel experience (point 6e in your book). Take the speech seriously and try to use structures and vocabulary, try to do it in an organised way with the help of connectors and try to do it as accurately and as fluently as possible. Remember: it is a speech, not a reading activity!!!!!


With the aim to start a new unit, I want you to read the text of unit 6A on page 84 that deals with the topic “My 25,000 wonders of the world” and answer the questions about it on page 85 (1C). Apart from that, I want you to work on the new vocabulary by doing exercises 2A and 2B referred to the vocabulary bank on the topic of “Travel and tourism” on page 165.


In order to finish unit 3, I want you to do two things: first of all, do the listening activities on page 50 of your class book. Secondly, do the “REVISE AND CHECK” on page 51, which will help you to reinforce your ideas of the lesson.


I need you to grasp these new grammar concepts of the unreal uses of the past tenses, so I want you to go through the explanations on page 144 together with my own summary of it that we saw in class. Then I want you to do the exercises on page 144 and an extra photocopy I gave you dealing with this same topic. We will keep on working on this, but I need you to do these things first to grasp these concepts.


Having started a new unit, I would like you to read the text on AFFLUENZA on page 44 and to go through all the questions (1a, b, c, d). Apart from that, do exercise 2a, b and c on the following page 45 to start grasping the vocabulary of money.


After having seen briefly INVERSION, we need to practise about it. So do the exercises of inversion on page 143, but first make sure to have read carefully with the information about this topic on the same page. Apart from that, do more extra exercises on a photocopy I gave you. And why not completing it all by doing all the exercises of this unit 3B so that we can move to the new one????


A new writing assessment just before the exam!!!!


In case you have not done the review yet, I would prefer you to write about this:

1.- Describe the character as an individual

2.- Analyze the process they go through/ Their evolution

3.- Explain why you like this character/ Your reactions to them/ What you learnt from them.


You need to write a kind of film review, by including the following information (this structure is a proposal, it doesn’t need to be exactly like this):

1st paragraph: director/ setting

2nd paragraph: plot/ actors

3rd paragraph: strong and weak point of the film (performances of actors, scenery, soundtrack, special effects…)

4th paragraph: personal opinion/ recommendation (or not)

Don’t forget to use as many different structures as possible (prove your level), as many nice connectors as possible and as many interesting words and expressions as possible.  It needs to be about 250 words. Deadline: before the weekend (if you want to have it corrected before the exam). (I am going to start being strict about this, and I am not going to accept any after the weekend). Ideas to look at: pages 48-49 in your book that we already dealt with in class.

I included some ideas in the section WRITING, in case you may need them!!!


A new topic and new homework!!! Having finished unit 3A, it seems like a good idea to do all the exercises about this unit in your workbook, in order to strengthen your knowledge, so do them!!!!  Apart from that, and now referred to the new unit, read the text on page 42 about “Lost in translation” and do the exercise 5 (a, b, c, d and e).

And, please, don´t forget to finish reading “Wilt”, as we will be talking about this book on Thursday (or maybe better next Monday) (in case you need a bit more time).


To finish our new topic (SOUNDS AND NOISE), I want you to read carefully the text on page 38 and go through the questions as well as having a look at the comments on the following page, which you need to complete with the possibilities on the same page, together with the lexis in context.

Apart from that, I gave you a photocopy about heroes of 2010 to read and classify the vocabulary in our famous categories.


A new writing assessment!!! Do you remember the controversial article I gave you on Thursday about men and women??? So you need to imagine this was written on a blog and you need to react to it, choosing one of the controversial ten parts of the article. In order to do it, you can use the help I gave you the other day in a photocopy about how to write comment articles. Well, I kind of found the article in the Internet, so I am supplying it, together with the photocopy I gave to people in class. All these two will be included in the section WRITING. I am looking forward to your comments!!!!

Apart from that, do the grammar section about speculation and deduction that we began slightly in our own way.


Do the vocabulary bank about “SOUNDS AND THE HUMAN VOICE” that you have on page 161. Complement your work with the photocopy about sounds and noises I gave you in class!!!


Before finishing unit 2B and going to unit 3, do the vocabulary bank about time on page 159.  You also need to invent or tell an interesting piece of news (of about 100 words) using distancing methods. (different ones, please).


Do the grammar bank on page 140 on distancing expressions. Apart from that, do the photocopy I gave you to reinforce this grammar point, expanding the news that you have in the activation part.


After having finished unit 2c, it is a good idea for you to do all the exercises of this unit in your workbook, together with the grammar photocopy on the uses of “get” that I gave you in class.

We cannot finish unit 2 without doing unit 2B dealing with the use of time, stress and multitasking. We watched a video in class and we read an acticle on multitasking (but as a jigsaw reading), so please read it again at home and do the lexis in context on p.25.


Happy New Year, guys!!!! Well, wouldn’t it be a good idea to start the year by writing our New Year’s resolutions and try to fulfil them????  That is your first task of homework for this New Year.

Apart from that, we are dealing with unit 2c, so complete the vocabulary bank on get (p.160) and do the grammar section on get too (p,141).


Profit these holidays to rest (of course) but also to read the book “WILT”. We will be discussing it by the end of January, so use this time to get familiar with it.

Do you remember the 10-line-revenge story we read in class??? And do you remember how we talked about the possibility to expand it??? So that is what you need to do: to write a 10-line-revenge story and expand it with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. So please be original and don´t forget to use structures, vocabulary and connectors that show your level and your potential!!!!!

Well, on holidays, you can always update your English!!!! Do it!!!!


This homework is also the same one I am asking you to do for Christmas.

Do you remember the 10 line story we saw in class???? And the one you did yourselves on a revenge story or on a breakup story???? Well, now you need to expand it, thinking about the number of paragraphs and developing the story with all its parts. Maximum number of words: 250.

Since the next time we see each other, it will actually be in the exam, I have already sent you some reading practice for the exam. In case you may have any problems, I will submit it here too: READING PRACTICE FOR THE EXAM.


You have a long weekend, so more homework:

1.- Read the texts on pages 28 and 29 of your text book on stories of revenge after a break up, and do exercises 1b and c.

2.- Write a letter of application (like the exercise suggested in the book on page 17 and using that ad, or in your own style, following the pieces of advice shown in the photocopies I gave you and using any ad you invent or any other you may find on the net (with a job that you may like more).


Do all the exercises of unit 2A in your workbook to revise this unit we have finished (with one group) or we are about to finish (with the other group).

By the way, I am submitting here the key for the reading comprehension and organization text I gave you in class about endangered languages: endangered langs vocab key (1).


Do you remember the modern version of the “Little Red Ridinghood” we did in class as an oral activity??? So, what I want you to do is to prepare a little speech of about 2 minutes on a fairy tale that you will be changing too, making it modern or simply different.

Then don´t forget to do all the exercises of 1C in the workbook to revise all we have seen (and you have a listening too). In fact, you should have already done 1A and 1B to finish with the whole of unit 1.


Do the grammar exercises on the photocopy I gave you.

Do an extra reading (” Endangered languages”) from the 2 extra photocopies I gave you, comprising the reading comprehension and the classification of vocabulary in the different categories we have learnt.


We are finally starting a new unit!!!!

Do the grammar exercises about narrative tenses on page 139 of your book.

Work a bit your vocabulary by doing exercise 5 a on page 23 ( sorting out abstract nouns according to their formation) and by adding new examples to the lists (at least 3 or 4).


Do the listening on page 14.

Do the “Revise and Check” on page 19.


Well, you know that grammar is also important for improving your English (as important as any other tool), so do the exercises of pronouns on page 138 together with the grammar complementary photocopy I gave you in class.

And then, some listening for not getting rusty: do all the listening activities on colloquial English on page 18 of the book.


We have started a new unit, so what you need to do is this:

First, finish the lexis in context on page 13 (part e) and look for some sentences for each.

Secondly, do the vocabulary on page 14 (exercise 5) and the language quiz on page 15. Both sections are revision of the work we have already done with vocabulary.

Thirdly, and if you have enough time, do all the exercises in unit 1B in the workbook. If you don´t, please make sure you´ll do it before next week, ok???


First, finish the reading with the activities about “Shared Parenting” at home.

Secondly, and more important, do the writing task: A description of yourself (but in the 3rd person and from a distance) as a candidate for a prize. Don´t forget to follow all the tips I gave you: outline, brainstorming ideas, thinking of vocabulary and structures, using connectors and checking your writing.


In the photocopy I gave you about the writing task, have a look at the 3 options of exercise 18 and change them into narrative style. And then in exercise 19, give the outline of the description as well as telling which one follows narrative techniques.


Today some vocabulary about the topic of the FAMILY: exercise 5 on page 11 together with the vocabulary bank on page 158.


Grammar is a necessary tool for our English, so remember to do the exercises on page 137 about the uses of “HAVE” and “HAVE GOT”, together with the photocopy given for that purpose too!!!!!


You need to do the listening on page 10 of the book that talks about the painting of “The family of Carlos IV” by Goya to practise your skills and to have some fun at home.

Apart from that, you can practise vocabulary related to personality in the photocopy I gave you in class.


First of all, prepare a speech on a job you´d love to do and a job you´d hate to do.  As a reference, take page 7 of the book and do it as well as you can, using vocabulary, structures and connectors.


We are going to start talking about work, so it would be great to do the vocabulary bank on work on page 157, together with other 2 photocopies dealing with work vocabulary too.

Apart from that, I gave you a text about cyberwar in Iran and I asked you to classify the underlined expressions in the categories of vocabulary that we saw in class (do you remember?) and to do the reading comprehension accompanying the text.


Lots of things to do in this long weekend! First of all, do all the exercises about linkers or discourse markers on page 136, together with the exercises on the Workbook related to this topic. Don´t forget to add the photocopy I just gave you plus the extra  listening you have in the workbook!


Not a lot to do today, what means that you can always have a look somewhere else and work on your own. Anyway, you need to write a little dialogue or composition  including 5 of the 9 new expressions we learnt. Choose the most difficult for you!!!! (book., page 5)


Prepare a speech about a clear memory, a motivational experience and an achievement (about 1 minute each). Remember to do it using advanced structures, vocabulary, organizing it well and, of course, do it accurately and fluently!!!! (Needless to say it is a speech, you can have a look at your notes, but you cannot read whatever you have prepared).

Ver la imagen sola.


Do you remember the beautiful shields we did in class with information about ourselves??? And do you remember talking about them with a partner and taking notes about your partner´s info in order to write a composition that will go with the shield of each person????

So, what you need to do is to write that composition using as many varied structures, connectors and vocabulary as you can and doing it as accurately as possible.

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3 10 2010

Hi Mila,
I’ve changed the order in your posts here. In my opinion it’s better to have up the latest post, so the old ones will always be at the bottom and the new ones will be at the headline. To get it you only need to write in the headline of this page instead of writing in the bottom next time you update this page.

8 10 2010

You are totally right!!!! Well done!!!! I will include the new pieces of homework!!! Thanks!!!

14 03 2011
Antonio Espino Jaén

Mila, when is the deadline for the narrative text talking about one of our most memorable journeys?

17 03 2011

Next week, next Tuesday or Thursday at the latest!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

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