As I have already told you, I consider very important to create a good environment in the class, which is why I have decided to create a special page called “OUR LOGBOOK”, where all of us will be writing and adding information about ourselves, in order for the others to get to know each other better.





            A.) PROCEDURE


1.- Every day a pupil writes or describes….his/her own experiences (more or less private), group anecdotes, problems, plans, ideas…


2.- He/she may use photos, or even videos… to illustrate his/her explanation.


3.- He/she talks about his/her hobbies and interests, including the books, films, TV programmes, music… he/she likes.


4.- He/she can talk about his/her English lessons, his/her job or his/her life as a student.


5.- He/she can include a poem/ a joke/ an idiom/ a song…


6.- He/she can add anything he/she thinks interesting, worthwhile…


7.- He/she can use all the space he/she considers necessary to give an idea of himself/herself to others.  


            B.) RULES


 1.- Write the date, a greeting, the text, the closing and sign it.


2.- Be very respectful with what you say.


3.- Be careful with spelling, grammar, punctuation…

Write in an adequate level. 



            C.) AIMS


1.- To improve writing and creativity.


2.- To improve communication and confidence within the group.


3.- To keep a nice memory!



So, who wants to start?

If you are the one, go to this google document, where you will have the possibility to edit the document, including photos, songs, slides, powerpoint presentations, links to the internet, to your own files, or whatever your imagination wants to include.

So come on, start building our LOGBOOK.


2 responses

5 11 2010
Rafa from NA 2E

As I’m having a little time now, I’ve found out this about the logbook. I find it interesting, but I don’t understand very well how it is supposed to work. Besides, when I click on the link to the logbook, Goggle docs says my e-mail has no access to this document. May we speak about it in class?
Have a good weekend.

8 11 2010

Please, Rafa, remember to talk about it tomorrow!!!! See you,

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