And the second book we have to read for the second semester:

NEVER LET ME GO – Kazuo Ishiguro. I would like to thank your classmates Sandra and Lidia for submitting this to us. Now you have no excuse not to read these wonderful books!!!!!! And remember: “READING MAKES YOU DISCOVER NEW WORLDS”.

In case you have not bought the book yet, there it goes, a version for you to read online in pdf: WILT-TOM SHARPEI hope you´ll find it useful and that you´ll enjoy the book!!!!!

Why not practising your reading comprehension with these texts with mutiple choice questions? There are plenty of

them to choose. I hope you will find them useful and that they

will help you get used to this kind of exercises you will have in

the exam.

I have found this other advanced reading comprehension to

continue practising your reading skills.  This time you will have to do it


One response

24 01 2011
Manolo Bautista

Thank you so much for uploading these e-books as pdf files!
Great idea and really helpful, especially for me!
Greetings to you and all my classmates!!!

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