Having Well- and Badly-Behaved Children

26 10 2010

This episode is dedicated to my neighbor’s screaming children. Learn how to describe the little monsters in this episode.

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Having Well- and Badly-Behaved Children


How to determine a life

11 02 2009


I suppose everybody has heard the news in the last days, so that all of us are aware of the fact that a private school in Salamanca has decided to separate three-year old boys and girls in two different classrooms in order to improve their learning process . According to the results of studies shown during an explanatory meeting given by the headship, mixed classes are said to be more a drawback than a benefit. It seems to be that male and female brains don’t mature at the same speed and mixing is a measure that is detrimental for them. Even more, poor boys are not able to keep focused on learning if they are surrounded by girls, so they are actually doing them a big favor with this measure.

Well, let’s leave aside all the religious reasons which seem to be beneath the decision. I think that, recently, we are losing the north in education issues. Maybe this could sound strange, even more coming from a teacher, but the academic results themselves can’t be the main measurement used to justify any new measure implemented.

I think our education system, above all, till the students finish high school, should be focused on teaching social skills, oral skills, rules of behavior etc, but, instead of that, we just pay attention to the result. Every time a new poll or study shows which is the place of our students in Maths or History, an earthquake takes place on media and on the system too. (a few years ago the last change took place and some light subjects were withdrawn in order to dedicate  more time to the real important things)

Honestly, how much percentage of the knowledge learnt during the ESO do normally people use in ordinary life? The coming years, bachelor and college, are the stages appointed to improve those levels but not the high school in any way. At the end of this level any student should be ready to integrate into the society, respecting the other ones, being fair, being able to work in group, etc. No more, no less.

And if this is the target, how the hell are you helping children to achieve it, separating them during all these years?

By Roberto