12 03 2009

Hi guys!!!!


Since for some of you listening seems to be such a big problem, I am including here some  tips to help you.

The other day meddling through the Internet I found something really interesting: a website where you can download a programme which allows you to listen to any radio and to watch any television in the world. Great, isn´t it????

Well, this is the address:

Then you have the possibility of downloading podcasts, as I explained to you in class. For instance, in

Then you have a quite educative radio station called Vaughan Radio:

And, as far as your speaking is concerned, I have found an interesting website called palabea, whose address is Here you can find an exchange in your city, or in the Net and talk through a chat or a videoconference, you can also improve your English, practise your grammar, and even act as a teacher by sharing information.  

Hope you’ll find all of these interesting, and, of course, you can always continue investigating in the Net!!!!