19 10 2010

Having talked about this topic in class, I found this interesting video (again from Videojug, you know how I love this site) on “HOW TO BE HAPPY AT WORK”. I thought it could be a good complement for what was dealt with on Thursday. Hope you´ll enjoy it!!!!

How To Be More Motivated

18 10 2010

One more video about motivation. Especially dedicated to Rafa, from NA2 E.



click here to go to the video



11 10 2010

Dear all,

I submit here a link to the video we did in class together with the listening comprehension going with it in case you want to listen to it again or want to go through all the questions again focusing on details.

The video is this:

And these are the questions for the listening comprehension we did:VIDEO 2ND ADVANCED ON MOTIVATION

You are welcome to continue the little chat we had in class, especially the interesting discussion we started. I´ll remind you of it: Can motivation be achieved through external things or is it something inside each one of us????