25 01 2011

Does technology help us in our lives or does it do quite the opposite??? Have you ever wondered what impact technology may have on our lives???? Is technology mainly good or bad for us???  Do you remember the video we watched about an interview with Gary Small, the author of” I-Brain, Surviving the Modern Mind”??? So this is the video:

And this is the listening comprehension quiz TECHNOLOGY IMPACT ON OUR LIVES QUIZ 2ND ADVANCED we did in class, together with the key for it: TECHNOLOGY IMPACT ON OUR LIVES QUIZ key 2ND ADVANCED.

I am including another interview with the same author (Gary Small) , which deals with the fact whether multitasking is bad for the brain or not. It seems that in an age of cell phones, PDAs, and computers, the intense mental stress of continually paying only partial attention may be decreasing our memory capacity. This video complements the one we did in class and adds to our reflections on multitasking:

I am looking forward to all your reflections on this topic!!!!