23 04 2009

As everyone knows, on the 20th July 1969 three men arrived at the moon. Some people think that this was a fraud, because they saw in some pictures things that were “impossible” to happen in the moon.

The first problem about that is related to the movement of the flag. The men that go against this (or the “fmen that stated that this was a fraud”) said that this video had been filmed on the earth, because on the moon there wasn’t any air, so the flag couldn’t move. However, we need to say that we could only see the flag moving when the astronauts were touching it, and it continued moving for a while just because there wasn’t any air which could stop the flag.



There are lots of ideas like this one that these men used to try to prove that it was a fraud, but I’m just going to talk of another one.

shadows21This is about shadows. These crazy men said that this photo couldn’t be of the moon because the shadows went in different directions. This problem with the shadows was produced due to the orography and it isn’t necessary to know so much to see that these little stones were on a kind of hill.

And now it is when I say to these people: why are you fighting with the NASA, who are the cleverest people in the world? Are you sure that if this had been a fraud, they would have made these mistakes?

And for everyone who has read this, what do you think? Have humans really been to the moon or not?

By Jorge


13 04 2009

microscopioAfter our last session where we were talking about inventions, I remembered that there were international prizes that award special discoveries. They are called Ig Nobel Prizes, and apparently they, and I quote, “are given each year in early October for ten achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think”. Well, this link will allow you to browse who and what for was awarded since 1991.

I have to say that I completely agree with the quote. The first thing you can do after reading the last awarded list is star laughing, or staring at your webcam wondering if there is someone on the other side who is laughing his or hers’ head off watching your expressions while reading. I can’t believe that there are people measuring the high of fleas’ jumps, or testing other uses for Coca-Cola.

Of course the second thing you can do after reading the list is star thinking. Are there people who actually waste their time on these kind of issues? Do they call themselves researchers? Does someone pay them for doing these kind of discoveries? Who decides the awarded list? Because I have an interesting research that shows that the heavier the surface you scrub the green side of your scourer is, the faster it wears out

Taking now into consideration the serious side of the question, I think there is a dangerous and wrong message hidden in these prizes, which is, by the way, quite rooted in our society: everything is fine. I mean, in order to respect every behavior, every word said by everyone, every way of earning honest money, we are losing the direction. Of course that everybody has a respectable point of view and a very important reason for doing these researches, but there is not any other higher goal to achieve? There are not bigger needs for society, in all those fields nowadays? Some ideas: a new vaccine against malaria, a system to control stock-options, new alternative energies…


31 03 2009



Lots of people think that nuclear energy needs to disappear because it is really dangerous. Well, in my opinion, I could say that it is truly safe, since all the wastes that are produced are locked in a pool inside a building completely made of concrete and other resistant materials,  and that makes it impossible that a lethal quantity of radioactivity goes out of the power plant. Apart from that, the power plant can also resist terrorist attacks.  The only risk they have is if a nuclear meltdown starts, which is practically impossible, because if something wrong happens, automatically some control bars get into the nucleus and the reaction stops avoiding the catastrophe. It is true that there are plants that must be closed because they are actually old, but if they close, how could we produce all the energy that they make? In Spain we have 8 nuclear plants that produce 20% of the necessary energy.

int28Another interesting thing is that scientists are trying to produce energy in the way that is produced in the sun, That is called fusion and the only waste would be Helium, which is a gas used to inflate balloons. But before that takes place, nuclear plants need to be operating. I believe that thermal plants have to be closed before the nuclear ones, because these are the ones which emit the most polluted gases into the atmosphere.

By Jorge


30 03 2009

     As we are dealing in class with the topic of inventions, I am including here something that a friend of mine has given to me, which is totally appropriate for this topic.

In one of the classes, we discovered two amazing inventions that have been in use for a long time but that none of us had ever heard about. They were “the magic ball”, for washing your clothes without any soap, washing-powder or softener; and the incredible robot that cleans your house without you being worried about it.

Some classes asked me for the possibility of having more talks about inventions, so here it goes what I found: CRAZY OR USEFUL INVENTIONS!!!


What do you think about them?