11 02 2009

Dear students,

If you have enjoyed doing the previous “FRIENDS” listening comprehension, let’s see how you find this one.  It is based on the same chapter, but on parts 2 and 3, so that now you will have the complete chapter.

It is addressed to the people who cannot make it on Fridays or for those who simply want to repeat it.


 “FRIENDS”: SEASON 1, CHAPTER 1 , PARTS 2 (from minute 1 onwards) and 3 

I hope you will have a good time and that you will learn a lot too!



11 02 2009

Dear students,

This is especially for those who declare themselves fans of friends, but also  for those who have not come on Fridays and have missed these listening comprehensions based on FRIENDS, as well as for those who, having come, would like to repeat the experience. So here I am including both the listening comprehension and the video extracts on which it is based, so that, in case you are bored at home with nothing interesting to do, you can enjoy yourselves while learning English at the same time. I hope you will like it!!!!!


  “FRIENDS” SEASON 1, CHAPTER 1, PART 1 AND 2 (part 2, just until minute 1)