Do you like stories and keeping up to date? Well, then this is the page you need to visit. Here you will find stories taken from the CBS and CNN (both in podcasts and videos) divided into different categories ( culture and society, business and economy, religion, science and technology…) that you can listen to and watch. But this is not the best: you also have many different activities of understanding, vocabulary, order… And you even have the story, the abridged story and an outline of it.

So, why not try one to see if you like it and to see if it helps you with your English? I have selected this one, where girls are not supposed to get on so well with computers as men are. Do you agree? Well, have a look at this story and see what you think.

I am including here a whole page devoted to podcasts that you can listen to or even download and send them to your cell phone or to your Ipod or MP3:





3 responses

30 04 2009
José Antonio

It is American English, but you can listen as much as you wish about everyday life

30 04 2009
30 04 2009
José Antonio

Instead of reading, you can improve your English listening

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